Normal Soup

by Shipley Hollow

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Shoutouts to the Fleming Family, The Godyssey, Busch Lite, Polytune, Fucked Endings, Squirrel Boys, Jameson Irish Whiskey, Clarey Berry's Paint Peelers, all of the lovely people that graciously extended their hospitality toward us while we were on tour, A2 for being chill af, dark fapping, hot buttery stacks, our good buddy Parnoush, reanimated cured meats, Sandeep, bleach, turgid loaves, every single one of you saucy NEXT LEVEL SYNDICATE chodes, reverb, and most importantly our friends and family who have supported us every step of the journey thus far. We fuckiing LOVE all of you.

Written, Performed, Recorded, Mixed, and Mastered by Shipley Hollow

(Winter / Spring 2015)

Finally, thanks to Yarises everywhere.

It starts with a spice and the taste of a 6 AM breeze, waiting for friends.
We discovered it, we lived it, and now we miss it.

Donations for the album are strongly encouraged, and very much appreciated.

get out there kid

© Shipley Hollow 2015


released May 28, 2015

Drums: Patrick "Meaty" Hamilton
Bass: Seamus "Yung Child" Hamilton
Guitars/Vox/Percussion: Alex "Fuckis" Fuchs
Guitar/Vox: Sean "Squirrel Boy" Clarey
Synth: Matthew "Road King Frankenham" Fleming
Backup Vox: Jess Ming Chen
Trumpet: Kyle "Lips" Windjack
Tromboloni: Conor "Connor Belot" Belot

Engineered/Mixed/Mastered by Fuckis at our pads, yo.



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Shipley Hollow

Toronto's tropical math-rock pirates

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Track Name: Salamander Sweater
Over time
The partials will
All but die
The earth exhales
Catching light
In your hands
Always try
But nothing

It's moves
Moves beneath
Your feet
Dog isn't dead
Just playing hard to meet
Track Name: Trop Od
I don't want to say
That you were wrong
And I don't want to say
Track Name: Summer Camp Swimming Pool
We found her in greener pastures the faces rushing by
Like turning pages from and atlas
The tired tones of hour turn to stone
In this escarpment staring down a hard rock face
And shadowy branches reaching out
And dragging us back to sleep
Four years of ashes put out like fire
And our dark eyes
The tired tones of hours turning in on them self
I broke my back walking backward out of this nest
Stepping back on future it's self
And starting to relapse myself

It's not funny or true and I'm sorry
It's not funny or true and I'm sorry

I find it hard to believe
That when I grow up
I'll be anything
To believe that you and me
Could ever be I'm so nieve
Never fall behind or find anything to laugh about
But now I'm happy now
Just think about when you cried into my sweater
You'll always be the first to make me think twice

It's not funny or true and I'm sorry
It's not funny or true and I'm sorry