Nice Try But You Think

by Shipley Hollow

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P∆D How come that canadians are such badass math-rockers? Favorite track: Wage Melt.
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mark zayat There are many layers to this emo album with so many influences from math rock, melodic hardcore, jazz, and funk, and it's honestly a really fresh spin on a trending genre of music sometimes growing stale with so much regurgitation of the same elements: This album has them all—noodling guitars and drums—but the band delivers them in a unique way, segueing from quick, technical, crunchy mathy riffs with rough vocals to softer, laid-back jazzy strumming, in seconds. Favorite track: Died Hair and Other Misconceptions.
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/If I had all those familiar
landmarks in my pocket
smogs, gaslights, cat's-paws
and the lights that guide us back
To lights
lights The friends and help
Light things toward living for
home and I rest my down head on
How much I miss you all so/


released June 18, 2014



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Shipley Hollow

Shipley Hollow is a Trio based in Toronto, Canada who create fast paced, esoteric, groove oriented Math-rock.

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Track Name: These Two Eyes Are a Team
These Broken, Houses we call our homes
Have fractured, leaving us on our own
so i've been told
I'll die with my

Everyone can see
the animation in the trees
you know i'll miss you when you're... gone
Track Name: Wage Melt
Taken aback

Because I've never said a single thing in all the words that we've exchanged
This is so whack, the sun and moon reciprocation created a whirlpool drawing in my brain

Do you remember back in the day these things all seemed so far away
(I Know You've got something to say to me now got something to say)

from here to there make shrivelled time
because I never knew a single word would come to this
and this is so whack
the newly winding rivers flow through you and me
Track Name: Four Person Bikes are Groovy
I'd tongue you all i'd fancy words to tongue
Track Name: Died Hair and Other Misconceptions
Watch out for his knives
This ship is going under
Houses built on stilts
and flowers never cry
would you trust me with the gun

slowly getting higher
eating all the pain
don't trust him for a second
the snag before the bait


would you trust me with that gun

yea it's hard to see when you're breathing down my neck
and i tried to get back to the car but i was wasted

moving faster
breathing harder
where'd all my energy go!

I tried to work it out
and you said we'd work it out
and i tried to work it out
so watch me drown
as i'm falling apart

Straight to the pachyderm
light me up and watch me burn
check your phone ignore my calls
you set me up i'll take the fall

I feel you
can you feel me?

Faces made of glass
slowly starting to crack