Costa Concordia EP

by Shipley Hollow

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Mixed and mastered by Shipley Hollow

//between the lines of nervous expressions
hung in refrain unbound
//the quiet, the shadows
the coolish smell, the greener earth
hardwood floor sounds
//Can you feel me? I feel you.




all rights reserved


Shipley Hollow

Shipley Hollow is a Trio based in Toronto, Canada who create fast paced, esoteric, groove oriented Math-rock.

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Track Name: Ordinary Tribulations
Expressing what my brain,
Has bled out in a day
There's nothing in a name
There's nothing in your name
(This is more than just a noise)
Track Name: Costa Concordia
Lovely Wastes,
Her and me
She knows
How sweet
Young and sprung
man, You must have died

Sitting back, letting my drunken eyes move to the streetlight,
Bleed through shade

Different versions of me cut open, different versions of you sewn in
Track Name: Manso's Homefries
You've never been in love, Never sat on the of a road, letting go of small thoughts like balloons, in the sound of a sunday parade

If you reduce others to their destinations, you'll find you're left with nothing more that shedded snake skin and walmart receipts

And in defence, she got up on the fence, looked around, admired how green the grass was on both sides, and how clean the air was at her summit.

So let's undress, toss the salad a little more with our plastic hands and unlock the secrets hidden behind sour key locked doors

I never thought that I would see, another thought washed out to sea

and when your painted nails wear off

I miss the way you used to talk.

(No we can't take it down)
Track Name: Fried Chicken [reprise]
we love you!